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D&B vendor industries

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Searching CB threads, I cannot pin point a listing that reveals or shares who the vendors are that appear as on a D&B report under the industries they report as. I see so many posts that this vendor reports, and that vendor reports, but how they heck do they show up?


I have two that show as "Natnl commercial bank" and "Bank holding company" but as far as I'm concerned could be any one of 5 tradelines that I have.


For those of us not paying for their credit builder product, this information is very useful to knowing who is indeed reporting on our companies, as D&B customer service reps don't divulge this information. Anyone with info, please chime in!

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No one besides the bureaus know who the company is. You have to do your best at matching amounts reported and the industry. No one sees the vendor, not even when companies pull your credit or even when you have the builder package. Its done that way to prevent vendors from stealing customers.

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