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CL's taking longer to release available credit after payment

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Not sure where to post this but was just wondering if it's just me or is anyone else experiencing that cards are taking a much longer time to release available credit after posted payments? HSBC is taking their full 14 days, even after a half hour with their CSR and 3 escalations, Target card is doing the same, and somewhat related though not a CL, Cigna went from paying my retroactive claims in a week to now holding it for three months. Are short term interest yields up or something? It's never been like this before. Really hoping this isn't a new trend that becomes a permanent addition to bad corporate behavior.

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No issues here with any of my current cards...AXP often shows the available being back to normal on the same evening I make the payment. I don't have HSBC (dumped their 'prime' offering many years ago) but have not had problems with Target. Paying through the website generally has shown the available by the next morning (or next business day if I made the payment on a weekend).


Are any of the payments described by OP out of the ordinary amount normally paid or is there any history of returned payments? Some banks get skittish if there are larger than usual payments or if there is a new account or if there is any history of bounced payments.


The credit limit should not have anything to do with what gets released in what manner of timeline though.

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it is about portfolio management and the risk and profit scores used for that purpose. hsbc has some sophisticated people running this part of its show ;)

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Well the Target card has a whopping $500 limit after they CLD'ed from $1000 me a decade ago at the onset of the financial crisis, I just made a $300-ish payment to zero it out. HSBC is a newish tradeline currently offering a 0% bt which I took advantage of, limit is $4200 I paid $600 on the 15th. I confess I have never been aware of such long CL holds after payment posting, come to find out Chase has 15 day, but I've never experienced it. I didn't know what was going on which is what led me to contact their CSR. Target CSR now saying they have to validate that it left my bank account (10 days ago) and to do a conference call. Not sure why the burden of proof is with me 10 days ex post facto or why in 2018 this electronic process should take nearly two weeks.

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