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keeping up with the internet, what is the newest craze?

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Remember back in the day when someone put up website and you had all these gawd-awful flashing banners to try to get you to buy something (for which they had an affiliate account) - those were bad enough to give one a seizure (even without epilepsy)
Then it was buying up all the domain names that you could in hopes that someone else would want it enough to pay you for it.
Then it was blogs. Everyone had a blog. (I really wanted blogmeariver :( , but alas, it was taken - although I don't think they ever used it, all I have ever seen is the "index of" page)
Then there was message boards. I love message boards (especially this one :D ) it really works well for catering to "communities" of like-minded folks (or at least those that have the same interests)

Then of course came social media. First MySpace then Facebook.

YouTube! lest we forget YouTube! (plus there are some money making opportunities there as well if someone is serious into.....hell, I have no idea how that works)
Then there is Twitter. Pinterest, Instagram.....and all the other image or whatever sharing sites (again, don't know what that is all about either because supposedly there are money making opportunities there as well - again no freaking clue how it works - or, hell, what the purpose of the sites are for to begin with.)

Anyway...whether money making or not (because I'm not looking to turn a buck, but I sure would like to understand it) ...what are the newest crazes on the internet these days? I always seem to be a day late and a dollar short.

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