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Hi. This is a tiny bit off topic. It's automotive related, but not finance-related, so I hope it's still okay to post.


My car, a 2016 Chevrolet Spark, started squealing REALLY loud a week ago. It was embarrassing! I got it into the dealership right away, because I suspected it was the brakes. They called me a little later and said I needed to replace the front and back rotors and front and back brakes.


They said I had to replace all the brakes even though they were all still in good condition, because the rotors had rusted up really badly, which was the cause of the squealing. They said if you replace the rotors you have to replace the brakes.


I hate the fact that we have to replace decent brakes. Is that common? Thanks in advance to anyone who answers. :)

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I would never change rotors without pads as old pads which are oddly worn or contaminated might damage rotors and pads usually cost 1/4 as much as rotors. If you are handy prob only run you 150-200 in parts and a afternoon as pretty simple procedure.


Often a few hard stops can remove surface rust from rotors if they are otherwise ok condition


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How many miles? Seems unusually soon for a 16 model to need brakes. I have 114k on my 13 model Chevy and the brakes are fine--never been touched.

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If the rotors are rusting out are they going to cover it under warranty? The pads should be replaced if replacing all rotors

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Hi everyone!


First off, Marv, thank you so much for bumping up my post. That's so nice of you, and I appreciate it.


The guy in the service dept told me the rusting was due to the weather in NY. I guess he's referring to the salt mixture they use on the roads. My area tends to get the most snow of anywhere in NY, since I live so close to Lake Erie.


We paid $302 for the front rotors and brakes to be replaced. They did the job in an hour. I didn't want to take $600 out of one paycheck, so we're scheduled to get the back brakes and rotors in 2 weeks. At least the squealing has stopped.


Oh, and we have exactly 31,000 miles on the car.


DH and I are not handy with cars. I agree that if you're someone who can fix cars there's no end to how much $$ you can save.


Thanks again, everyone for responding. :)

Edited to add:


Tomforr, they never mentioned a warranty for the rotors. We paid the full price for the replacement of the brakes and rotors.

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Rust on the rotor surface where one of the brake pad touches it can't be filed off, the rotor must be replaced. This can happen if the car is left parked for weeks at a time. Ordinarily the rotors rust a little while the car is parked, especially if it rains, but the next drive will scuff the rust off. If the rust is too thick though, the rust will scuff into the pads instead of vise versa. This causes uneven wear of the pad which allows further rusting of the rotor to go unchecked.


If your rotors are indeed rusted on the friction surface, that does decrease stopping performance and they should be replaced. I would suggest shopping some third-party mechanics. Brake replacement is something that almost any shop can do. There is never a new car warranty on the brake rotors or pads, they are considered "wear items" that are likely to need replacement before the warranty is up.


The center and edge areas of the rotor that the pads do not touch will always rust, since they are just bare cast iron. This is of no consequence unless it is so thick that it rubs on some other part.

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Good morning!




When he said it would be $600 for both axles for rotors and brakes, I asked him if they could buff off the rust instead, because with our car that we traded in, our SUV, they did that for us. The service guy's exact words were "The rotors that come with a new car are "disposable" rotors, and are way too thin to buff. They have to be replaced." Believe me, I didn't want to pay all that money.




Thank you for explaining everything to me. We should probably check out other mechanics, It's just the dealership has a really nice waiting area, with fresh coffee and doughnuts, and other drinks too, and a ton of comfortable furniture with magazines, newspapers, and shuttle service too. For me anyway, those little things make a difference.

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