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what is it called?.....some sort of docking station

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My brain is gone. I need a thing and for the life of me I can't remember what it is called. I used to have one but can't find it now.


It is like a quick and dirty docking station. It has one part in the middle with several different type of connectors (depending on what kind of drive you are trying to access, on the other side you use it to connect to your computer. There is no case for placing the drive in (like a typical docking station)

I mean, I don't mind it having a case but the thing I liked was that I could access different types of drives because it had adapters. (I still have some old IDE hard drives that I might like to access again)

As usual, windows became corrupted. I have spent the better part of a week (well, on and off) trying to get it to boot. Well, since I have a brand new ssd drive waiting to install (and a copy of windows I bought for another computer...but oh well) I figured I'd replace the current ssd, install windows, and then try to get the data off it later. (luckily most of my files are on a separate hard drive. Still reinstalling all my programs is going to be a royal pain.

Still pizzed off about my boot record getting all effed up


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that is, of course, someone wants to hand-hold me through rebuilding my boot record (and explain to me why I have all these new drive letters that shouldn't be there) drive x? really? with windows being drive f while system being drive...whatever, I forget now. (maybe c, I have it written down somewhere)

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