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SoFi to offer debit card transaction account.

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Link for waiting list (SoFi Money): https://www.sofi.com/money-waitlist/


I read it should be offered by late spring. Interest paid on balances with no monthly fees. They also now offer an investment service call SoFi Wealth.


I still have a bad feeling about SoFi after they bought Zenbanx, claimed they have exciting things coming, then they closed the bank. I was forced to liquidate all my currency balances then transfer all my money out. I'm undecided about their latest bank, but I may deposit a small amount to try them out.

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There's still a wait list for SoFi money.  I'm thinking the dinosaurs will return to earth before one gets past the wait list.


But there is hope.....

Today I noticed a link while browsing Facebook to apply for SoFi Money.  I clicked on it and was able to open an account.  When I entered my email address, it remembered other fields I must have entered earlier.  I opened the account, and my debit card should arrive within seven business days.  The link on Facebook seems to be some sort of single-use hyperlink.  I clicked on it again after opening my account, and it went to a page asking to enter my email to join the wait list.  If you see that link while on Facebook, use it to open a SoFi Money account, unless you don't ever want an account.  Don't let it get away.

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I got my debit card. It's a standard looking debit card. On front are only my initials, printed sideways like many new cards are. On back is where all the account info is.

It did come in a box with a magnetic clasp, like a fancy-pancy metal card might come in, but nothing fancy-pancy about it.

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5 hours ago, hhwwe1 said:

I got denied because my score was too low.....for a debit card.....

Just under 600

I'm fairly sure there was no hard credit inquiry when I applied. I'll double check. Next month I'll do my annual Chex and EWS to see what shows.

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