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Do multiple auto CR pulls count as one inquiry?

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I thought I read somewhere here a long time ago that if I apply for a car loan with several creditors, it will only register as 1 inquiry on my CR.


I have 8 pulls now, 5 from one day and 3 from another day. They are within 3 days of each other.


Shouldn't they all be combined and only listed as 1 inquirty against me? If so, how do I fix it? It's showing on TU, I don't know about the others yet.




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No one cares about inquiries, unless you have actual credit problems, and then they only care about your actual credit problems.

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The key is to keep your inquiries above 6 seperate inquiries (per CRA per rolling 12 months). That way your score won't be decreased by an additional inquiry.

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Not true. You can expect 3 to 8 inquiries from a auto dealer. I specifically asked a recent dealership to use a certain creditor but they didn't listen. 8 pulls in 2 days. No big deal, got the loan, got the car and away I went.

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