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One last collection then report is clean...need help.

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I have one unpaid medical collection left on my husband's report. The date of service is from 2012 so it is out of SOL here in California. The collection agency is Rash Curtis and Associates in Vacaville California and the bill is from a local hospital. This CA placed a smaller account ($5) on his report earlier this year that had been paid directly to the hospital, I disputed that account online with Experian and it was removed We are trying to refinance our house and the Credit Union asks for proof of payment or if we are going to dispute. We have had dual medical insurance for more than 15 years so I am unsure how this went unpaid, This account is showing only on Experian, the two other reports are clean. Before finding this site, I disputed this online last year and it was verified...any suggestions are welcome. The original amount was $727 and the current balance is $1131.


We have a conditional approval letter pending this account.


Thanks everyone.

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Follow the guides: ( if you had opted out before applying for a mortgage your reports would not have been poisoned by a JDB)






Send Experian this



Even if Experian doesn't delete immediately you will be able to show that it is marked in dispute on your report.


If they do not delete, send the CA this;


and then send Ex this


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Thank you! I will send out the letter first thing in the morning. I am not sure what this means but the conditional letter said, after we inform them of pay or dispute, they will not address this account again. I will post more as we go through the process. Thanks again.

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