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MY limp FICO assault


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https://youtu.be/t3jKtjgRZQY <- EXPLICIT LYRICS - FOR SOME.. Just dont have the kids around, please. If you even click it... (from a parent..)


^^^ That was me, I guess I never really cared, figured I would die by 30. Never thought Id see 31, of course I did annnnd of course I did not want to die...


Started out with the standard Cap1 $300 jobber fresh out of high school.. had no advice from the ol' bonafied, 850 FICO, 3 Bureau, Legit, Daddy. Maxxed out, cut, paid, Maxxed out, cut, paid, Maxxed out, cut, paid... then Maxxed out, not paid. F it. OOOPSY


Saw no need for credit after that, (still no talk from daddy at 20) I never thought it was a thing... I got a good job making $78,000 a year traveling, (back in 2002 when that was cool) doing AutoCAD-surveying properties, mega hours... swiped the ol company card all over the country, probably $10k a month (they gave me the option to swipe my own card and pay me weekly for it).. didnt give a rats...


"Living the dream"... lost job after 6 years of course in 2008... had a sub prime Sierra truck of course... lost lost lost it to repo driver.. was a sad salamander..


Told myself I didnt care.... OF COURSE.


Lost all faith in credit, screw it. Got more high paying, mega hour jobs with company swipe cards - swipe swipe swipe, who needs credit.. BIGGEST salamander ON CB.


Medical came up, 1000 here 1000 there.. its easy to do when you dont have healthcare.. all charged off of course... no solutions... hating life...






Well 7 years passed.. had already settled down.. found a "girl" 3 years earlier and she was just as messed up as me... Maybe more. Wacky as it gets really, the Medusa type. (Married to her now)




03/16.... All of our blemishes had long fell off... figured Id try to make a move since we had a baby finally... better do something for him, right?.. better at least get him a house some day...


Bought the lil guy 80 oz pure silver that day... worst part, he does not even care yet...


05/16 - TU FICO 515 - Appd Cap1.. Secured 49 for a 200, standard Cap1 CLI in 5 months to 500.. dead card. BUT FICO CAME UP!


08/16 - TU FICO 585ish - Waited 3 months, appd Wells Fargo Cash Wise, seeing as how they solicited me. 4500 instant approval! Had $13000+ sitting in checking... maybe helped. I dont know. Never questioned it, never CLI, left it the heck alone. Still to this day havent messed with them about it. That is my PRY BAR! (till I get a new one)


11/16 - CHRISTMAS! - FICO 603 - Walmart Store Card, cold appd got it.. 200. Was PO'd. How dare they when I have a 4500 pry bar, whaat tha... WHAT IN THE.. CLI button, CLI button, CLI button,Called CLI, nope,Called CLI, nope. They have no control they say in indian.. of course. CLI- nope to INFINITY....... Stuck. Maxxed that card then paid, 3 times a month, repeat... (we shop there), (and gas there). Screw em I said, wife said "omg leave it alone!!!!" - 4 months passed, CLI for 10k, came back with 6k.. ok fine whatever. Utilize 200 a month now..DONT NEED IT. WHO CARES?! I do not need any of this, I need a mortgage! The wife is all over this one like a spider....


I like Wells Fargo.. They need me lol THEY ARE MESSED UP. I am, we, are holding at least 30K in my checking at wells... still havent CLI.. they are sooooooooooo messed up dont wanna try it.


05/17 - TU FICO 675ish - Citi Bank started sending me CRAZY snail mail about their double cash.. twice a week.. it was crazy.. they hooked me.. so I applied.. jerks gave me 600 instantly. I was PO'd again and called them. After a few questions about income they said 6000...


06/17 - TU FICO 719 - Now waiting, or gardening as some forums say. No installment loan, no mortgage... waiting.. waiting... Going to mortgage in 2019. Going to CLI SP ALL before then hopefully. I would like to think it doesnt matter...not that it matters... it matters.


I, we, have weak cards with loser limits. I want some of that 20K, 50K action... gonna have to wait 10 years....


The wife still needs some cards.. she is authorized on mine... I dont know.. need a house for the baby, renting is... yea..




I am still an salamander, I am just doing the motions for the man.. if anyone has any input please feel free... I have elephant skin I promise.


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The last post in this topic was posted 1779 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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