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Starting out - Deleting old addresses, does that include variations of current address?

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I am getting ready to start cleaning up my credit and I finally got my reports in the mail. I have been reading through the threads on all kinds of topics. I am excited to get started but had a few questions that I hope someone can help me with.


1.) When I delete old addresses off my report do I also delete variations of my current address? For example, I live in Drive and my credit reports have 3 adresses listed, one as Drive, one as DR and another as DE (type I guess).


2.) Do I get old phone numbers deleted? It seems like I have a history of every number I have ever had and then some on my reports?


3.) What about old names? I married in 2007 and my maiden name is still being reported on my file. My first marriage ended in 2009 and my former married name is still being reported. No accounts should even be on my report that include that name (or my maiden name).


4.) I've seen some people go back and forth about the best way to dispute old addresses. I know for tradelines you must dispute in writing but some people go back and forth on calling or disputing online for addresses. What is the best way for addresses, phone numbers, and old names?


Thank you everyone,



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1. if your address is 5555 Maine Drive, then Dr is just an abbreviation for Drive. If your address is listed ad 5555 Maine Avenue, then I would dispute the inaccuracy.


2. I think your phone number shows on a consumer version of your credit file but not on a creditor version. Normally I don't see phone numbers on a creditor version of a consumer credit file. In fact, I can't remember the last time I saw the consumer's phone number. Use that tidbit of information as you think best.


3. I think you should dispute your name to reflect your current married legal name. That name should be on your state issued DL and your Social Security card.


Send a dispute stating the obvious to each bureau, including a copy of your DL and your social security card along with some utility bill or another bill to prove residence. Just politely tell them to remove all else.


Send it CMRRR.

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Personally I deleted variations of my information that was obviously a typo. It's usually not that hard to get those deleted as the person on the phone can see the air and the correct information right next to it. But name variations including your middle initial or without, including your full middle name, or address variations with abbreviations make no sense to delete.

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The last post in this topic was posted 1084 days ago. 


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