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Huntington Voice for Business - NEW

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Huntington just released a business version of the "Voice" except it's 4% instead of 3% cash back - no AF. Cap at $7K a quarter.


Very interesting categories for a biz card "groceries".


You have to apply in branch or on the phone.


For those of you within its footprints it may be a good option. I'm considering it myself.



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I just applied for the card on Monday, they told me they would have a answer in 5 days.....I will update once I know the results.

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Posted (edited)

I figured since they hand out their Voice cards like candy (one member on the other forum has 6 personal Voice cards) I might have a good shot.


I applied 10 days ago. DENIED


They did do a SP on EQ.


They cited the reason for denial was my BK.


My BK isn't on my EQ and I have LN and the other data miners frozen.


I asked where they got their information (since it doesn't state it on the denial letter) and they said they have "other methods" for checking PR's.


They wouldn't disclose their source and I would of pushed it but it was a business card and they don't have to follow the same rules as personal cards.


If you have a PR anywhere stay away.


It's a creepy little bank.

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