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Process for handling/disputing checking account?

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I had a checking account that went negative and I never dealt with it. It was opened about 12 years ago and it was charged off 4 years ago. I also haven't done anything with the account in about 8 years. Recently I've been getting collections calls asking for $400. I've ordered the chexsystems report.


The account is probably mine, but in not sure yet. I'm hoping that I'm past some statute of limitations or something that will help me. I'm familiar with the process of disputing credit accounts but what is the process for checking accounts?

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A bank or credit union can't wait 8 years to charge off an account. Plus, Chexsystems only reports for 5 years.


Which state are you in? The debt may be past the statute of limitations.


Sounds like a bottom feeder CA trying to get you to pay.


1. Send them a DV (certified - return receipt) and include a cease and desist statement if they are contacting you by phone.


2. Pull your free annual EWS report as well. www.earlywarning.com.

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I opened the account in California, but have lived in Illinois, Ohio and now Washington since then. I'm still not clear what state the SOL goes off of.


I'm getting the EWS report now. Thank you!

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if you lived in Washington at the time of default, then most likely its either SOL of Washington OR the SOL of the choice of law provision in your terms and conditions agreement at the time the account was closed.


you'll need to dig into case law and statutes further to see which one a Washington judge would likely follow.

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