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Wells Fargo/Cap One 360

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First I do not know if this is new or not, but now if you apply online for a Wells Fargo Regular Checking and you are not approved it will give you option to open the Opportunity Checking online if your qualify for it. I know in past you could only open Opportunity Checking in the branch.


I had a Wells Fargo checking account like 4.5 years ago and I messed it up being overdrawn 400.00. So I waited about 4 years to try and open again inside branch, they would open the Opportunity Checking in branch, but would be closed within day, this happened twiced. So I have applied online many times as well and got denied flat out. So I called Wells Fargo today and usually they have a profile of you if you have had an account in past. He had a small profile but my date of birth was missing and my SSN number. I have never ever been approved online with Wells Fargo, but today I said what the heck I applied for the everday checking online and was denied, but it said I was qualified for Opportunity Checking, so I continued the process online, use credit card for 25 dollar deposit and know I can log online to new account, But I am being cautious cause it still may be close. I do have accounts with EWS but my chex is clear.


Now Capital One 360 formerly ING DIrect , I had an account with Ing Direct back in 2007 and it was closed due to overdraft. So for few years I been trying to Open a Cap One 360 and denied, I even call Cap One 2 years ago and they said I would not be able to open one . So I took it on myself about 2 weeks ago to call Cap One 360 and try to open on phone, he said I need to update your profile and and transfer you to Security Department to update info as well. Security asked me a few questions and updating my profile, and she said go online and try to apply again. So I did apply again and it was opened instantly. I have had my debit card for about 2 weeks now.


so sometimes if you have had an account with a bank and are getting denied, you might want to check out to see if they have a profile one you that needs updated, cause any mismatch of info while trying to open online will get you denied.

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Good info - just proceed with caution. Keep a non-Chex, non-EWS account as backup. Split your direct deposit between those and a non-Chex, non-EWS account. Too many instances of Loss Prevention (AKA the Back Office) closing or freezing later. Wells Fargo is trying to rebuild its customer base after the recent debacles, but I advise not to put all money eggs in that same basket if your reports are not clear.


The absolute worse thing is checking an account one morning and discovering your funds are frozen or closed, and you don't have instant access.


Keep us posted on any updates or service issues.

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