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Real ID Act.

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Probably be a tin foil hat form to get signed.


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What a mess this is.


I worked on a software project that compressed data into a PDF 417 barcode. That's the one which is on the back of your DL (in most states). The reason it is there, instead of a potentially lower data storage capacity e.g. magnetic card stripe, is b/c the FedGov demanded that the states have the capacity to store a bunch of data in lieu of a separate Real Id Card. They did this by threatening to withhold FedGov highway/road funding from non-complying states.



Some of the states wagged their noses at the FedGov by complying only in spirit i.e. they allowed the PDF 417 barcode to be unlaminated hence it rubs off. At some point, it's useless.


So it looks like the play is back on.

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What does the yellow star on a Florida driver's license mean?
The Federal Real ID Act requires documentation that establishes your identity when applying for a Florida Driver License or ID Card. A STAR on your Florida Driver License or Florida ID Card means you are Real ID compliant.Jul 24, 2017


I don't know how many states have adopted the golden star as their indication of being Real ID Compliant. Florida and North Carolina have though. It would seem that golden star is now the defacto indication of being compliant.

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Didn't someone clear that yellow star through marketing first... Geez...

It's magically delicious.

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