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14 Year Old Perkins loan out of nowhere


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For a friend-



I recently received a bill from the accounts receivable department of a college I attended from 2002-2006. The bill was $125 owed to the college. A week later I received a notice from the Department of Revenue for the state where the college was saying that the 125 would be offset on my taxes OR I could enter into a voluntary payment arrangement through the Dept of Rev. I chose the latter and began the $20/month process starting in December. They took payments out in December and January.


Today, I was looking got an Experian notification that there was an Educational Loan opened in 2004 in the amount of $2,000. It had no history listed except a Positive, paid as agreed payment for the month of January. Freaked out (because I did not believe I had any loans outstanding, I reached out to Experian...who said that they showed NO missed payments on my file. They did have 1 late payment showing for this new Educational Loan ... but couldn't see where it was. They said that it must be a glitch in their system.


So I give the College a try...they say they did have my accounts receivable account through the Dept of Revenue active....AND they had just 'clean out their files' and found a Federal Perkins Loan in my name that they submit over to the Dept of Education in December. So I called the Dept of Education who told me that they DO in fact show a Perkins Loan received just last month...that defaulted in 2007.


Here is where I'm getting confused....so they told me to contact ECSI who was the loan servicer. I contacted them and they told me that they had just passed it on today (convenient) to Default Resolution Group. I'd called DRG earlier today and they were so unhelpful that they almost felt like a scam. I have not gotten any correspondence on this loan via mail at all. In fact, I never would've known about it if I didn't take a look at my credit report today. I've received no phone calls or anything in writing about this.


My question is--how should I attack this issue? I am fine taking care of the loan if it is indeed mine, but at this point I'm a bit skeptical. I do not want a defaulted loan on my Credit Report---but I was told by ECSI that the government just changed something to eliminate Rehabilitation. Does that mean If/When this thing shows up on my credit report there's nothing I can do? The amount is very small and I'd be willing to pay it, but I'm confused on WHY something just popped up on my credit report (but as a positive closed account with 1 payment as agreed). Also the number showing as the contact number for the trade line is a cell phone number that goes straight to voicemail. Can anyone help?

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I'm pretty new, but it sounds scammy to me. If it's not reporting as negative I'd likely ignore it, but if it is showing as default or late I'd probably dispute as obsolete. Or maybe send DV? I don't see how they can resurrect it all these years later?? But again, I'm definitely no expert here.

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I cannot imaging rehab being involved for cheezeburger stakes...its a C-Note...let them offset the taxes if it is legit.


Hey, thanks for the responses. I'd be perfectly fine with an offset IF it didn't show as a paid default on my credit report. It is not showing now--but I worry that if they successfully offset a paid default will show up, following me for the next 7 years.

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nah, should be limited by the DOFD regardless of when they finally figured it out


This would be absolute music to my ears if true! Can anyone confirm this for Perkins loans especially? Essentially, if I just write a check and pay in full today, no negative information would be reported since it would 1) be out of default and 2) be 11 years since the DOFD?



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The last post in this topic was posted 1791 days ago. 


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