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Non ChexSystems/non EWS check ordering

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I have Alliant Credit Union. Yes, they do pull Chex. Yes, I did have several of accunts both paid and unpaid when opening the account. I froze my report and they opened it with regular savings and regular checking. Later on I applied for a High-rate savings and they got back to me saying there is a freeze on my Chex and one of the CRAs and for me to remove the freeze so I asked to withdraw the application.


Too be safe, I am looking for check ordering companies that does not use neither Chex and EWS because I am on both.

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Hmm, applied at Alliant with Chex frozen (it's clean but frozen after an ID theft back in 2015). Just got an option to select regular checking, ended up with pending and someone will contact you. No freeze on CRAs so they'll probably want Chex.

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Yes, Alliant needed Chexsystems unfrozen to approve account. If you become a member online, there is no option any more to choose between regular or high-yield accounts -- the accounts automatically become high-yield provided once/if you meet the requirements (minimum balance for savings, minimum deposit for checking). From what I can see, the same is true if you try to open a checking account after you become a member.


Of course, opening a checking account during sign-up is optional, perhaps Chex won't matter if you only get the savings/share account, but if you later want to open a checking account they probably will want to run you through Chex.


Note the following from their disclosure (seems to apply to ATM/debit cards linked to your account(s)):


Members in good standing and without a ChexSystems record have a $500 daily withdrawal limit and a $10,000 daily deposit limit. Members with a ChexSystems record have a $200 daily withdrawal limit and $0 daily deposit limit.

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