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Need advise from experienced CC holders / 0% financing cc

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Hi everyone,


My very first post. I'm new. English is not my first language, i try my best. Thanks for understanding.

Here's my situation. I made in investment in real estate renovating a house and flipping it. I have a buyer. Might takes couple of months before cash in.

I have visa : 38K debt

another visa : 11k

All my other cc, i never used them.


Recently i learnt that i could transfert the balance to some cc offering 0% financing with 12 month terms. I felt it was great option for me since i can clear up the whole balance in couple of months. MBNA Platinum Plus


I applied online yesterday for Master card 0%. Got accepted but got only 14K limit. Actually, i filled up in the form i want to transfer 38K.

I figured out what was maybe the mistake i made to get a limit lower than what i've asked. Actually, i recall having clicked on 'owner/condo" but then i had to filled up another case asking me about the rent..i found that strange since i'm an owner. I couldnt continue the application process cuz i had to fill up that case about the rent. Because it was late night, instead of writting '0', i put 800$... :/

I'm guessing it might because of that i got lower limit. By the way, i have a good credit score, around 720-740. Never missed a single payment in my whole life.

Anyway, i called the customer service and told them my story. The customer service told me i have 2 options.

First option : They can cancel the whole thing and then apply again but my score might got hit...

Second option : i wait until i get my cc and then i call them to ask them to give me the desire cc line credit. I picked this option. Did i do well?


Now, i'm interested to get the RBC visa cc for the second balance transfer of 11k but afraid this might not help me if i fill up the form now knowing that the credit center might lower my score...


What should i do to transfer the 2 balance to low interest. Ideally all with Master card. Any walk around?

RBC visa with 0.99% / 10 months term will be my other option..but will it be possible to get these 2 products one after another? or should i wait little?


Thanks in advance for advising me. I really need to breath financially right now..


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Welcome to CB.:) I see that you're in Canada, and the cards are apparently only issued in Canada. This forum is dedicated to US credit and cards, but we do have a Canadian subforum. I'm leaving this here for now, but I can always move it for you if our Canadian members don't see it and respond.

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