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Researchers Discover WiFi Vulnerability Affecting Basically Every Device On Earth

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It's non-trivial to implement and you do need to be close enough to the WiFi to intercept and override the receiver/transmitter. Looks like the Android is the most easily screwed over since it resets the main handshake key to 0 and is trivial to decode. Still won't easily get to folks that do finance stuff on https as that's a higher encryption layer. The vulnerability is designed in. The WiFi IEEE standard had a rush job modification to fix it but the vendors have to implement. Likely many won't. Especially on older devices.

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If I see a stranger using a computer in my driveway, I'll chase him off. :D How about the new router that's supposed to be more secure?

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I think I'll shine a light in their face and try to take a picture - that should send them running. My next door neighbor wears his sidearm all the time, so I could call him to run them off.

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