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I have a ChexSystems report. TD Bank opened accounts

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I have a ChexSystems report. From I know and TD Bank screens new accounts through ChexSystems. Not only a savings they opened but a full checking account meaning a normal account with debit card and all. What to do?


This is a summary of my ChexSystems report:


Two unpaid TD accounts

One unpaid First Commonwealth FCU account

Two paid TD accounts

One paid People First FCU account

One paid account with The Provident Bank

Over 85-90 inquiries

Three unpaid Wells Fargo accounts on EWS report.



Since TD Bank screens through Chex, how did they open the accounts? I applied online for everything.

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TD Bank has been known to approve if negative Chexsystems information is over a certain age. However, decisions made at the "front office" are often reversed by loss prevention. Always proceed with caution until your report is clear.

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I also have an inactive dormant account with People First FCU. I was under the impression that account was closed which it was. A while back I tried to reopen the account and they said they cannot reopen and that was sometime ago. More recently I tried to apply online and I received a message saying there is already a membership account open. I called the Credit Union and they told me the account is inactive and all I need to do is deposit $5 or more. She said the account is about to close in 2 weeks. I asked if this is for savings or checking or both. She said it is for savings and I would need to apply for checking. They do use ChexSystems. What should I do? Should I deposit and reactive the savings membership? Should I apply for checking?

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Why do you want to reopen the account?


Good practice to base your accounts on your monthly, financial requirements.

1. How do you pay your monthly bills?

2. What do you use for point-of-sale purchases? (grocers, drug store, shopping, etc.)

3. How do you save for emergencies?

4. Where are your emergency funds?


My Accounts:

Local credit union checking account just for household bills.

Chime Bank account/debit card for point-of-sale purchases only.

Ally Bank savings for emergencies.

Discover Bank for long-term savings.

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