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Inaccurate Reporting?


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So it doesn't matter if you admit to the item being yours? They still have to delete it? I have account showing wrong address for creditor

are you asking if they legally MUST remove a TL just because the account has the wrong address for a creditor? or are you asking is it possible to get a TL removed using some tactic even though the only thing wrong is a creditors address? Those are two different things.


First and foremost, if the debt is actually yours, paying it is the right (and legal) thing to do if it is inside the SOL. Yes JDB's and CA's are annoying aholes who make ridiculous amounts of money harrassing people, but if it is your debt and you really should pay it.


Second when you dispute a piece of information you have to tell them what is wrong, you don't have to tell them what the correct address is, you just have to tell them it is wrong. That gives them the opportunity under the law to fix the problem which negates your claim


Third, even if they don't fix the problem and you file suit under either FCRA or FDCP and get before a judge you have to convice the judge that a misprinted address is somehow such a material defect that its mere presence harmed you. In other words did a clerical error really cause you a problem. If you don't get it, the answer is NO. The only time a creditors address would affect you is if the CA sent you mail that included a wrong return address that caused you to miss deadlines or not get served notice by a court.


With all that said, the JackAttack as they call it here amounts to a flood of letters to the agencies hoping they miss one and don't respond in the right time frame. Failure on their part to respond in a timely manner, no matter the reason for failing to respond, has a legal ramification of giving the debtor a chance to get a negative tradeline deleted.


once again, if you owe the debt you should pay the debt. If you are the type of person who just doesn't want to pay their debts, well then you have earned the bad credit entries and using a trick to get rid of one of those is a cheesy thing to do IMO.

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Mikenola: you don't have an accurate understanding of the "jack attack" method. I'd suggest you read a bit more.


I don't like judgemental and condemnation posts.


And if you are going to dispense information, please make sure you do the best you can to give accurate information rather than opinionated information.


Killbadcredit don't listen to Mikenola.

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The last post in this topic was posted 2222 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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