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How do you respond to "we've already responded to your complaint" BBB response

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Submitted a complaint against OC (disputed with CRA's first, CRA's verified). I followed up with BBB complaint with "hey you're wrong about this" language. They respond and say, no we're correct according to our records also we only delete information we furnished incorrectly. At this point CRA's have updated the account with an even later notation, which was dead flowers wrong. I respond to company's response and say hey not only are you wrong about initial late, but you updated my account to reflect an even later payment. Why did you do that? Their final response is basically "look, we've responded to your complaint already." Not sure how to proceed. OC is Comenity Bank.

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BBB is a toothless tiger and has been for MANY years. You weren't going to get anywhere through them and complaints made to them are basically an annoying gnat to the company that is the subject of the complaint.


Your better bet on a legitimate complaint is to go through the CFPB.


Better guidance in general may be available with more specific information about WHAT the problem is with the tradeline.

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I wouldn't say that. Literally yesterday I got a $5800 collection tradeline removed from my brothers credit report with a complaint through BBB. It is only toothless to the businesses that see it as toothless. It was Jefferson Capital. Go through their BBB complaint history. They delete 99% of the tradelines people complained about.


BBB is just another tool in the tool bag. Might not always work, but can't hurt either.

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