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I am looking to move to Canada in the future and would like to start building credit before I officially move.
I've spoke with AMEX already (a company I'm with) and all they offer is to move the credit card over to the country but that does not help me start building credit in the country.
I would prefer to stay with AMEX or Discover but if those are not options I am opened to any suggestions that would work.
I'm just looking to start building my Canadian credit here in the US; If that is even possible.

If you have a bank or card you'd like to suggest please let me know! I'm opened to secured cards if that's what is suggested but I really like to start working on my credit as soon as possible.

Thank you.

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There used to be store credit cards, like The Bay, Canadian Tire, and going further back in time Eaton's and Zellers, that would allow U.S. residents to apply for a credit card. No longer really possible.


For your situation, I do suggest opening a bank account with a major Canadian bank. You'll probably need to do that in person. Establishing a bank relationship is very important. Investigate the major banks (RBC, BMO, CIBC, Scotiabank). After a period of time ask them about a credit card. It may be possible to get a secured card.


As far as establishing credit ahead of time, even if you do this, unless you have a Canadian social insurance number, or maybe an ITN, I'm unsure if doing this will result in the account(s) appearing on a Canadian credit report. You may be spinning your wheels for nothing. Canadian banks should be able to query a U.S. credit report, and use that in evaluating your credit worthiness. It won't be like you're just out of high school and applying for your first credit card.


Also, be aware of U.S. FATCA regulations in reporting such accounts.


Good luck.

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I see I forgot another major bank: TD Canada Trust. RBC, BMO and TD are the three best ones I feel to consider. All three have bank subsidiaries in the U.S., thus cross-border banking services are available.

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