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Partial success removing late fedloan- retro forbearance

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Hey everyone, I see this is a common topic here so wanted to come back and update/ask for feedback. This is regarding lates reporting on my Fedloan accounts that occurred in April, May, and June 2014. I had a 60 day, 90 day, and 120 day late on all five of my Fedloan accounts. I was put on retroactive forbearance in June 2014 that covered me for those months (Feb-June) and brought me current.


After reading as many threads as I could find on this topic, I decided to experiment and sent TU a letter asking for an update to my TU report, with a copy of my TU report with the fedloan accounts circled. I also included a copy of my retroactive forbearance letter that fedloan sent me in 2014, as well as the FTC advisory opinion on the recording/updating of late payments that occurred during the forbearance period. I started with TU first. I also CC'd the CFPB in my letter to TU. I was careful to word it along the lines of "I am requesting an update to outdated/innacurate reporting", it was short and concise.


A little over a month later, I received the results of TU's investigation and they deleted all of the 120 day lates, but left the 90 day lates. Oddly enough, they also deleted the 60 day lates. Just the 90 day lates are left.


I'm tempted to just be grateful that I was able to get the 120 day lates off and "call it a day" but I'm wondering if I should continue to pursue getting those 90 day lates off. I'm also perplexed why they took the 120 day lates and 60 day lates off while leaving the 90 day lates since those months were all covered in my forbearance period. I never received a letter or any explanation, just that their investigation was complete.


Should I count myself lucky and stop now? Or try to get those 90 day lates off too? If the later, how would I go about this? File another dispute, write a more specific letter? Either way, i intend to try this with EX and EQ and hoping for similar results.


Thank you for any feedback!

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I'd keep trying. I doubt they'll reinsert the other lates. I may be wrong, but I think it's illegal for them to do so.


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Thanks I guess its probably worth it to keep trying! I just didn't know if I should count myself extremely lucky with this little bit of success and leave well enough alone, or push a bit harder.


Not sure how to phrase the next letter to them though..."while I am happy to see the reporting on my Fedloan accounts has been partially updated, I am requesting to have the months of march and April 2014 fully updated as well. As stated in my last correspondence to TU on (date), I was on forbearance made retroactive for the months of Feb 2014-April 2014 therefore my account was brought up to date and no payments were due those months. I am requesting TU fully update the inaccurate and outdated reporting on these accounts." Something like that maybe?


I'm getting ready to try my luck with EX and EQ next and see what happens. TU was a test run as I've come under the impression that they're much more flexible and easier to work with than the other two, but especially compared to EQ.

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Well that's a small victory for sure. i have been going round and round with them about the exact same scenario. I did the CFPB complaint including the opinion paper from the FTC and nada....

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