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My bus. credit story... NEW update on page 3!!!!

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First congrats.

I don’t have another number for BofA but partner applied for their CC and only got the $5000 a week later got a letter that they reevaluated and increased to $20,000.


If you don’t mind what’s the details on the PNC bank card?

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Thought I'd update again...

Well, CB&T did the inspection, went well, we finally called again about the status on the LOC, we were told it was just a matter of it loading on the computer, called a week after and this time told it was declined at the last second because our experian business report did not match what we put down on app. so we faxed over all the doc's (again) and the branch manager had us type an explanation, how do you put Experian refused to correct records in words nicely? anyways we did all that and were denied anyways. The lame excude was that even though a human can see that it is an error, even verifiable with the state, the computer says no. Now remember, this is the same computer that said yes! I am so mad :evil: about this hoops and time we spent for a denial. I am definately going to write to the president of the bank, but not for reconsideration, but to "share" my experience. I think I'll stay were I am wanted! :roll:



How did things go with Union Bank? I hope they treated you better than CB&T. Congrats on all your new credit.

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Hi 800,

Thanks for the congrats!

As for the PNC bank, I'll have to ask DH for more details if needed, but he went to the PNC bank website, called the phone number listed and applied on the phone. He said he was grilled in typical MBNA manner and then told they could do $20000. They were able to see his other MBNA accounts, a silly $3000 limit card he has had since college and a personal LOC we share with a $25000 limit. He said it was pretty involved, but they did not require any paperwork. When we received the card it was pretty generic, just says Plat. Bus. Card, no branding. It did say MBNA on the credit report pull, I believe it was a TU or EQ pull, I'll look right now...

Hope this helps!


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The last post in this topic was posted 6175 days ago. 


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