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cv91915 has set up a Go Fund Me page to take donations that will be used for flowers for breeze's memorial, and excess will be donated to a cancer charity in breeze's name.  If you'd like to participate, please go here:  https://www.gofundme.com/breeze-memorial .  If you have any questions about donating or the GFM, please reach out to cv91915.  
Sunday, unexpectedly, we lost one of our own.  After a sudden diagnosis of liver cancer just two days before, our very own mama Breeze lost her battle with this disease and passed away on Sunday afternoon.   She passed peacefully surrounded by her family.
We know that many of you will be as devastated as we are to learn of this, and we know that you will share in our grief.  We will be in the Feedback forum with you, sharing our memories and our tears.  We encourage you to join us there.
We started on this journey fifteen years ago - breeze, Pam, LKH, and radi8.  Through everything that has transpired over the past fifteen years, we have always remained family - and Mama breeze was an integral part of that family.  We will be posting additional information here, as much as we can while still respecting her desire for privacy and anonymity.  For now, while we process our grief, we will close this notice with Godspeed, Mama.  We miss you so much already.


- Pam, LKH, radi8, Marv

- the mods and forum leads

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Rental judgment and CT state laws

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I'm not sure the best place to post this because it involves multiple questions.


First the background. In 2010, at 20, I cosigned a lease for my mom and ended up moving in to help take care of some of the bills. Next summer in 2011 I decided to return to college out of state. I had to be back by the end of August. I talked to my mom about who said she talked to the landlord and wrote them a letter confirming that we would be breaking the lease to do this. Now I made many many mistakes. I was very naive and ignorant of the things I should have done, I should have looked over my lease, I should have looked over CTs laws, I should have given a forwarding address. It goes on.


One year later I got a letter saying I had a judgment from this for 3300. I immediately called them to find out what was going on. I found out that you cannot break a lease in CT so we were being sued for the remainder of the lease. They also told me there were I think 2 months of unpaid rent. When I lived there my mom was the one that actually paid it to them while I paid all of the utilities and our phone bill and swore this wasn't the case. I found out months later she said it was true and she hasn't paid the last two months because she was "mad at them".(we had a lot of issues with mold in the basement where we went back and forth).


They told me if I could get around 2300 they would take that. I couldn't get that together at the time. The smart thing would have been for me to have saved up on my own each month since then and this would be taken care of. But I've made awful financial decisions and I'm jsut tying to start improving.


Some questions:


1. How does me paying this affect it staying on my report?


If I save up a portion and offer that to them will that satisfy the judgment or would I have to pay the full orginal amount? I don't just mean remove it from my credit report. I want it gone from public record. When does that happen? From the original date or the date it was paid? f I were to pay the full amount now would it not come off for another 7 years? The 7 year mark is next year as it stands now.

From what I read Connecticut statute is 20 years. I'm in Virginia now and have been since I moved back.

Also why wasn't I served? I guess they couldn't find me so they didn't have to? Really unfortunate because I would've worked something out then so this didn't happen.


2. This is the crappy question. But is there anything I can do to dispute the validity? I've talked about this to people in my life and someone mentioned undue influence but I'm not sure that applies here and if it does it's a stretch. My mother is currently doing a bankruptcy so it's all on me.

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Now that they have a judgment, they have absolutely no incentive to offer you some kind of deal. That happened when they offered a reduced amount of $2300. I'm afraid you are stuck with the full amount of the judgment. If the statute of limitations is 20 years, that's how long they have to collect. And remember, interest accrues the entire time.


Not sure they can remove it from public record. Unless something was done wrong procedurally, pretty much stuck with it for 7 years from the judgment date, not from when you broke the lease. If you pay it, it will reflect as a satisfied judgment on your report.


The rest of the questions I am not sure. Sorry you are having to deal with this.

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Okay. So I called the courthouse where this happened(in CT, I've now lived in VA since then). They could not locate the court case anywhere. Said to call the collector and try to get a docket number but I'm worried that doing so will compromise me somehow.


It shows up on my credit report as a collections account not a public record, not sure how that makes sense? But my leasing history shows it there as a rental judgment.


Any clue what my best move would be?

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