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What did you get in the email today?


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I was looking for this thread a little yesterday but failed time find it.


I had received another newsletter and "your account update is ready" email from a credit union that I never joined.


I did apply for a HELOC there a few years ago but was turned down for having had a late payment in the previous 24 months.

Not many recent posts in the topic/thread to keep it at the top or in new content.


May be they gave you an account?

Perhaps. I never deposited a share though. Maybe I should call them and see what they have on file.
If you became a member, you probably have a savings account. Did try accessong your online account and password reset?

Not yet. They don't have any products I'm interested in at the moment. But I suppose something bad could happen eventually if I let an account like that fester unattended. I ended up doing a 2nd lien HE loan from a different local credit union that actually has a card I may be interested in some day. It's a 2% (points that they claim can be cashed at 0.01 [though I haven't been able to see those explicit written terms]) card that has a bonus period between Thanksgiving and Christmas in which the points are 5x uncategorized as best as I can determine.


They sent me a few pre-approval emails at a credit limit of 10k (which I think might be their max CL) Probably not worth the trouble. At least at this point.

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SiriusXM email regarding increase in subscription rates.


To Our Valued Customers:


Effective as of February 15, 2018, the U.S. Music Royalty Fee will increase from 13.9% to 19.1% of the price of all audio packages which include music channels. Your fee may vary depending on the package and plan term you have chosen and the number of subscriptions on your account.


The U.S. Music Royalty Fee applies to most audio packages* and offsets the royalties payable by SiriusXM to composers, publishers, recording artists, musicians and record labels that hold copyrights to musical works and recordings. The increase is a result of the recent decision by the Copyright Royalty Board of the Library of Congress.

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