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What did you get in the email today?


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On 5/18/2024 at 4:51 PM, TheVig said:

Citi automatically converted my Premier card to the Strata Premier last weekend. Yesterday they decided to send me an email telling me about the new benefits and perks.

new benefits include not getting the SUB if you applied for the Strata card.

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Got an email from Chase that I have a BT offer on my CFU.  Logged in and it's up to $15k with 0% APR until May 2025 with 5% fee...  I'm going with nah, unless I end up buying another vehicle in which case I may "finance" it that way just to help my cash flow.  I may be misremembering - it no longer shows on my account - but I thought that when I did a 0% BT from Chase a couple years ago to knock out the last of my debt it was a 3% fee at that time?


From looking at my "Just for You" page - I had to log in to see what the above offer was - it appears that I'm also "already approved" for a CSP with a 18K CL and 75k bonus points, a Chase Slate Edge (I think that's the card that I had before they upgraded me to CFU?) with 6K CL and 0% APR for 18 months, and finally a United Explorer card (unknown CL).  What's the difference between "pre-approved" and "already approved" anyway?  Am thinking that I really don't need any right now though, I have 4 hard pulls that are set to fall off in the next 2-4 months and a TCL of around $80K even with a Citi card with a $500 limit dragging me down.  Also I'm apparently pre-approved for $45K in auto financing (7.07% APR 60 mo.), although I certainly don't need to take on that debt load right now, I'm thinking $10k max for a used Jeep or pickup truck, although I know that's going to be challenging.

For someone who really doesn't travel and already has the following cards, is there any real reason to pick up another Chase card?


Citi Diamond Preferred $500 [SIC]

Macy's AmEx $5000

Discover It $5000

Capital One Quicksilver $14,500

Chase Freedom Unlimited $22,000

Bank Of America Customized Cash Rewards $32,600


anyway I'm thinking I don't really need any of these offers but it is kind of nice to see that my creditworthiness is apparently OK with them.  I hear so many stories about people falling out of favor and having their accounts closed etc. and it seems that the only issuer that I'm really on the outs with is Citi at this time.

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Less than three months ago I closed my BJ's *Admin and our Terms of Service prohibit profanity*house Club Mastercard. Today I get an email trying to get me to apply for the card.

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