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What did you get in the email today?


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AXP wants me to convert one of the cards to Blue Cash Preferred...I've got to do the math to figure out whether I would spend enough to offset the annual fee when balanced against the loss of other rewards.  I know I can easily recoup the $95, but at what cost...although that 6% IS tempting.

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On 11/7/2019 at 5:18 PM, cv91915 said:

American Airlines sent me an offer to lock in Platinum Pro status for 2020 for a one-time payment of either $925 or 92,500 miles.


But to get to Platinum Pro the old-fashioned way I'd only have to spend $642 more on airfare this year.




Beyond that, I've already booked enough air travel for the rest of 2019 to hit >15,000 EQDs and >100,000 EQMs to re-qualify for Executive Platinum.

Second "improved" offer since the one I posted above...  $395 for 126 EQDs.  


... all while I have enough travel (> $6,000) booked for the remainder of December to get to Executive Platinum the old fashioned way.





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When I click the "SIGN IN" link and authenticate, I just get the default account summary page that's always there.

Limited Time Only

image with 10%off award card 

Get your Navy Federal Visa ® Awards Card for 10% off Dec. 4 - 11, 2019. Sign in now to redeem.

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You made 24 on-time payments with JPMCB CARD*


Payment streak unlocked! All those on-time payments can go a long way toward building better credit scores. 

Head on over to see where you stand now, and don't forget to celebrate all the progress you're making.



*Based on your credit report information from TransUnion as reported on 2020-01-08

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Clickbate from Credit Karma erroneously alerting me of a collection I don't have.


"Hey "Me"


The collections account on your credit report* could get in the way of reaching your financial goals.

If you're thinking of applying for a new financial product, come see your options for addressing that collections account.

Handling your collection could help your odds of approval, as well as impact any interest payments."

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We noticed that one of your accounts was closed.* This could have been caused by a number of reasons, like account inactivity or a paid-off balance. Depending on the kind of account, your credit can be affected differently. Here are some ways it could be affected.


Your credit card use could go up,


so increasing a different card's credit limit could help balance your debt-to-income ratio.


Your average age of accounts could go down,


which means your credit scores could follow suit.


Looking to reopen that closed account? Reach out to the lender within 30 days to see if it can be up and running again.

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Be bold with the reimagined American Express Green Card. You could earn 30,000 Membership Rewards points

As a valued Card Member, we’d like to invite you to carry Green from Amex. With its recently expanded suite of benefits, Green is the Card that helps you make more out of your everyday, no matter what you’re doing. You can earn points on a bite to eat, a once-in-a-lifetime voyage, or a trip to the office.3 It’s just one of the ways we’re giving you more with your Membership, no matter what your day brings.

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1 hour ago, brainchasm said:

Hyatt is selling points at 25% off until 2/29


$990 gets me 55,000 Hyatt points.  I did this last year and between it and my spare points, we got two extra nights at the Park Hyatt NYC.


Tempted to do it again, but I don't have travel plans as of yet...


if you can bag NY PH for 30k that is a great deal. We burnt hyatt points there a few months ago and I can't believe it was only 30k a night!

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32 minutes ago, hegemony said:

if you can bag NY PH for 30k that is a great deal. We burnt hyatt points there a few months ago and I can't believe it was only 30k a night!

Converting URs into Hyatts and buying some Hyatts and staying at PH NYC with a free top-floor upgrade looking at Central Park (well, at the JW Marriott, and CP beyond) was the best use of points I've ever pulled off.  It was magical; the fiancée still talks about it. :)


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Got a notice from Chitibank that I had a new message related to my inquiry on a statement error.  Log in and discover that the error has still not been fixed and that the message was a "we see you spoke to a rep and presume this matter to be resolved" sort of message.


Backstory...card was hacked and they discovered the fraud.  Credit was given for the one charge they allowed to go through.  New card number is issued but they gave a second credit.  I waited until the statement cut, figuring it would be resolved then...it wasn't.  I send a message that basically said they had double-credited the account and while the credit balance was nice (it is enough to cover a month's worth of gas and then some), it wasn't an amount that I had a legitimate entitlement to and that the statement balance SHOULD have been zero.  I called when almost two weeks had gone by and they had not replied. 


Their non-reply reply tells me that I will probably be getting a check mailed to me at some point in time...I TRIED to do the right thing. 

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