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Secured Business Credit Card List!!!!

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WELLS Fargo Secured Business Card Approval - NYC/NY State


I have a business with no business line of credit. I wanted to launch a business line of credit somewhere and opted for a Secured Card, rather than take a hard credit inqyiry hit and maybe not get one. My personal credit score rose from about 540 to 740 on Experian over the past 6 months by basically paying down my balances in full and paying the balences every month.


So my scores are rougly as follows: Equifax:710; Experian: 724; Transunion 7:36. I decided to apply for a secured credit card from Wells Fargo in the amount of $6,000.00(USD. The process took almost (1) month, and after going into the bank, providing a Cashier's check (I had no bank account at Wells Fargo and did not open one); a copy of my NYC business certificate, (2) Forms of ID, etc. I filled out the application.


First you should know this seemed to be a very lengthy process. They apparently sent my form and check through Branch inter-office mail so it takes 7-10 business days for them to get. Once that is done that is done that send you a notice stating that you need to send them a signed IRS Tax Form T4506 (Transcript Request( To allow them to get transcripts from the IRS to allegedlt "confirm" you own the business. Now my taxes from the previous years filing were around 43k, and I was on paior to make 100k this year, so I put the yearly earnings at around 100k on my form. That made me sweat a little.


It takes them about 5 business days to get the info back from the IRS and then, once they get the info their analysts look at it and make a determination. If they approve you it takes them another (5-7) business days to go through what they call "funding" which basically I take that they cash your chjecks and make sure they clkar.


After that they say it takes (5-7) business days to make and send your card. All told it took almost a month from start to finish. Don't look to get any real help from the Business Loan department's customer service (Thats the division that process the secured card), as they will all tell you things that are different and most of them tell you the wrong thing.

The "Business Rewards" are now a free feature as of August 2017, though so we will see how it works. I believe they did pull a credit report from Experian as it indicates on the credit pulls section here, but that it is based upon my percursory investigation.


Off the top of my head, it seems someone has run a con using secured credit cards with some of those checks that eventually turn out not to be good. There was a rash of those used in some other cons - where they hire your business to handle their business, and use your money up front, then they pay you with one of those slow-bouncing checks. Our bank went through a period of holding checks, calling, verifying, etc. a couple of years ago til I convinced them we got the same checks every month. :D

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The last post in this topic was posted 1407 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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