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Day 28 of dispute of EQ med collections

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Hi all,

I started last year with the WhyChat method to get a lot of my medical collections removed from my reports. Was very successful except for three unpaid medical collections on EQ from 2010-2011. Long story short, it ended in me filing a complaint and followup with the CFPB which unfortunately did not yield any results. I was advised by WhyChat to start the dispute process over and then report back. I redisputed on 4/11 and according to the tracking number my disputes were received by EQ on 4/14. So it would make this day 28. A few days ago I saw one of the medical collections came off but the other two still have "Reinvestigation in progress" on them. I am wondering, assuming it reaches the 30 day mark and the investigation is not concluded, what my next step would be? I remember reading that the CRAs only have 30 days to investigate a dispute otherwise they need to remove the disputed items. Is this correct and what do I do next?

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Are the accounts still only reporting on Eq??

Did you make sure to opt out again before starting over??


The CRAs have 45 days if you are using a "free" report, patience patience patience!!

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Yes they are only on EQ. Last year I tried the whychat Hipaa method and I was given two different CA names and addresses. My onine report says OMNI management, while the verification letter that EQ sent me says Total Recovery, each with very different addresses. So when I sent the DV to the CA listed on my online EQ report it came back as "undeliverable" and EQ basically shrugged and refused(even now) to correct the discrepancy between what's on my report,and what they list on their verification letters. So starting from scratch.


Yes I've opted out. What does a "free report" mean? I get all three reports from each CRA by monthly subscription straight from their sites. I didn't realize it could take as long as 45 days. I was hoping I might have an advantage if they couldn't finish by the 30 day mark, but I'll sit tight.

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A "free report" is the one you get through "annualcreditreport.com" I am not sure about your "subscription" from the CRAs, it is POSSIBLE that the updates aren't actual updated reports. Do these reports have an individual report#?? If not, then you can't use them for disputing. If you have a standard "3 report" plan through any CRA it means that only the sponsoring CRA report is a "real" report with a report ID#.


I suggest you follow the guide and get your REAL reports so that you will have valid up to date reports with an individual report # for each report that you can use for disputes AND for checking on the results of your actions.



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Can someone direct me to the thread for the medical collection removal process please, Thanks..

If you would start your own thread we would be happy to help. Each case is different and advice is given on an individual basis. Make sure to post the date of medical service in your post.

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