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I've been pre-approved/qualified for 35k , 3.4% rate, 60/72 month auto loan from captial one. Their auto navigator site has a few 2017 Toyota Camry CE for $19.5k, w/ tax, tag & registration. I'm guessing it would be shy under $21.5K with dealer fee & docs.


A redesigned Camry is set to launch this summer, is it realistic that the 2017 will get any lower? I would pull the trigger if I could get it for $19k out the door.


Btw, Cap 1 auto navigator seem dummy proof, but how accurate are their " authorized dealer prices?"; If I login to their website and sort by lowest price, I find a bunch of 0 miles Camry's for $20k, yet , most are north of $22k when I'm not "logged in". I'm in South Florida. All local dealers online pricing have the model/trim/color all over $24 asking price.


I don't plan on getting dealer financing unless they offer a rate lower then cap1 3.4% , zero down.


Is this deal the best I can get without haggling? Will the released of the 2018 drop the current years price?


I plan drive her till the wheels fall off or gift to my daughter in 4 years onces She's out of highschool.


Thanks for any input and advice.

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Not looking to "shop" application all over town.


I have 5 inquires , 4 open account. Ex,TU clean, EQ has a foreclosure set to drop 2018. NFCU $14k CC & $15k CLOC. Cap1 sliver $1k and cap 1 Platinum $750.


My plan was getting the lowest out the door without having to "run" my application. As per captial 1, I am to tell the dealer to submit my application to cap 1 in order to locate my offer.


I don't plan on applying for any other addition "credit" . 3 years from now I my be in the housing market for a duplex. But for now a car is all I need.



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The just take your approval docs to the dealership. We have a backdoor site that is used to verify if you clear all stips if any, and if you are good to go. If it's a real approval.

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I had cap1 approval for 35k at 3.47%. I let the dealer shops me to 3 banks that they work with to try and beat cap1. He couldn't and I went with them.


The approval is real and you will get the same terms when you go to the dealer.


FWIW, I think I was approved with chase as I didn't get a denial letter from them but don't know the APR. I assume it was higher as we ultimately went with Cap1.


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