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Back In with BofA, Amex, Discover and maybe Citi


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Long story short, I had CO with Amex, BofA, Citi, Chase, Discover and a lot of other banks in 2008. Mix of business and personal CC and LOC. Did not file BK and all of them fell of my reports due to age. Tried Chase in Oct 15 and was denied due to previous delinquencies. Denied by Discover for not enough credit history due to thin file I guess because did not have any active TLs except 2 secured loans with Alliant. Was sure I was blacklisted and would be denied. Did get other CCs back in Oct 2015 and was gardening and working on CLIs since then.


Here is what I got in Oct 15.


Cap1 Started at 2k and now at 7.6K

Paypal Started at 3K and now at 10K

Walmart Started at 600 and now at 10k

Lowe's Started at 2k and now at 3.5K

Amazon started at 2.7K and now at 6K

Old navy closed in Jan 17

Allaint started and remains at 500. Thinking of closing it.

FCCU Started and remains at 1K


Chase denied. Had previous CO.

Wells fargo denied. No previous history.

Discover denied. Had previous CO. Denied due to short credit history.

Penfed denied. No previous CO. Waiting to get pre approvals.


Gardening since Oct 15. Only one inquiry was for NFCU membership on TU. Been getting invitations to apply for CC from NFCU.


Here is what I got last week.


NFCU. Cash rewards. 12k. Now my highest limit.

Discover Approved for 7k

Target. Approved for 1k. Toy limit but we shop there a lot.


Amex denied for blue cash but offered everyday card. I accepted and was approved for 500 limit.

BofA denied for Rewards card butt offered 99/500 secured card which I accepted. Funds already withdrawn from account and got the email that card is on the way.

Citi denied. Got the letter. Says due to too many inquiries. Hopeful that I will get it after some gardening.


Very happy to be finally off the BL and in with a lot of creditors. Will app for Citi and Chase after some gardening.


Will be doing a test app for mortgage next month to see if anything comes out of the woods.


Thank you to all the members of CB. Would not be here without the knowledge I got from reading all the priceless information on this forum.



EDIT: Apped for another Cap1. Was thinking of combining limits. Denied for too many inquiries. Will do a recon.

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The last post in this topic was posted 2591 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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