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Waking an Unknown

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Hello All,


I have been on the hunt for a consolidation loan. I received some pretty decent news. Here is the hitch though.


I went to my local CU. Affinity CU. They have an awesome Debt Consolidation program, but I have to be a member before I can apply. So I applied and was turned down from some apparent entry on my Chexsystems report. They gave me a paper to call Chex and supposedly I have an account from Citi on there from 2013.


Here is the thing. I did at one time have a Citi account for about a year. I closed it. Since then I have heard nada from them. No letters, phone calls, nothing.


So in an effort to close this consolidation loan I disputed it. Now I am regretting the decision that I may have hastily done this. I sincerely have no re-collection of this nor do I know of any possible existing balance. They wouldnt even tell me over the phone what the balance was.


I am waiting on the report but I have already disputed it.

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When disputing Chexsystems, you communicate and negotiate first with the bank that reported you. Did you try to call Citi with the Chex info and get more information? If Chexsystems says the information is confirmed, then send an Original Creditor dispute to Citi.


1. Call Citi and find out why they reported you and the exact date the account was charged off.
Ask for a final bank statement. Determine if Citi is reporting the account activity correctly.


2. Find out if Affinity will do the loan if Citi is paid.

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