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question about seasoning requirements

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It has been almost 2 years since I filed Chapter 13 to avoid Foreclosure. Sale stopped May 2015. My spouse is not in the Ch 13 and not on the mortgage, but is on the deed. She currently has sufficient income and credit to refinance our home, but all lenders we have spoken with have said even though she is not on the mortgage (but on deed), it would be viewed that she was involved in the Foreclosure. Which I'm still not clear on because there was never actually a sale, automatic stay stopped it.


Since it has been almost 2 years (22 months), what is the likelihood she could get the house re-financed, solely in her name, provided of course her income and credit are sufficient?


Seems like all the seasoning guidelines I see are related to "number of years" from the foreclosure sale date, which I my case never happened.

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