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The Master Why We Complain About Discover Thread


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Al and Peg start to leave and then halt in their tracks


AL "Hey, Peg. Hey, look at that."


We see a thug threatening Senator Furman in the corner of the hallway. Al walks over to the thug, punches him and knocks him out.


FURMAN "Why, thank you Mr. Bundy. I would've been lost without my Discover card. Is there anything I can do for you?"


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1 hour ago, hegemony said:

Only because they're all clueless.


Possibly the vendor accepts Paypal? 10% back on new IT.

Worst case? VGCs at 2%. She'd still come out ahead and get her 0% float.


She could also call a 100% U.S. based CSR for emotional support.

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2 hours ago, centex said:

I did not know they had ventured into actually having branches...I had presumed that they continued to operate like the other industrial banks (ie. CIT, BMW, State Farm). 

I just posted the following Wiki excerpt to the thread to which you linked ...



Discover acquires The Greenwood Trust Company

The Greenwood Trust Company was founded in 1911 and was based in Greenwood, Delaware. It was acquired by Discover in 1985 and renamed Discover Bank in 2000.[7] Discover Bank is mainly an online financial institution that offers many financial services such as checking accounts, savings accounts, and money market accounts. However the first and original location of The Greenwood Trust Company on East Market Street is still operating and is the only physical banking location of Discover Bank.


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On 5/19/2020 at 8:09 AM, cv91915 said:

Merrick did the same thing for years after I got rid of the Hooter's card.  Got comments from the card on the occasions I used it but the benefits just were not there to warrant continued holding of the card...


I think we are coming up on almost a year since the last time they tried to soft any of the big three...

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