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Need advice please

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I use to follow this board when I was going through my CH 7 and got good advice. Fast forward 2 years and in need of advice. After my CH 7 I got into credit cards for my wife and I to rebuild our scores and for 2 years we didn't miss a payment and our scores were headed to 700. Well September 2016 the Dept of VEteran Affairs out of no where permantely removed a 1100 from our income. I'm a 100% disabled vet and I can't work and my wife takes care of me and our autistic 4 yr old. So my wife and I have been behind our credit cards since Sept 2016 and most went to collections. I just won my social security case and getting back some backpay as soon as Friday. My question is do I pay the collection agencies or try to contact the capital ones, walmarts, etc to get current or pay them off with settlement? Thank you so much from a Veteran in need of advice.

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No Lady but I will try to get them. ANy suggestions to where to get them? Should I order them straight from the 3 bureaus? Thanks for responding.

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If you haven't ordered your free reports in over a year, you can get them directly from the CRA's. If you can't get them free from the CRA's, go to creditchecktotal.com and get them for $1. Then immediately cancel if you don't want to subscribe. If you want to get monthly updates, then call and tell them you want to cancel because you don't want to pay the $30 a month. They will offer you a discount of $15 a month to keep you as a customer.

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