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Yoni's Credit From 605 to 751 (Oct - Dec)

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So I'm in the garden, minding my business when I see the 2% CB PayPal Extras MC. I'm in my PP account about to make $1000 payment that I make twice a month, plus I make other payments via PP. And I don't have a 2% everyday cashback card.


So, I pull the trigger. Approved for $250. I called to recon and was told I have to wait for card. Called later and received $8K. Went to online chat and ask for $35K. Declined/no counter offer.


I'm cool with the 8K. I'm sure it will grow.

Auto CLI $8K===>10K

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EQ 780

EX 759

TU 760

-Gardening since 7/2017

(feels like a long time)



I learned today you can NOT use PenFed LOC as a autopay account.


Was out of town and let 2 bills (Chase SW & Lowe's) autopay with PenFed for 1st time. Both were rejected. Called PenFed to find out why? Can't use the LOC in that manner. Just FYI


Can anyone tell me how those two late payments will look to Chase and Synch?


I paid them in full 2 days later. Chase charged a reversal and late fee. Synch hasn't charged any fees....yet.

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Hey yall!  Hope everyone is well.  It's been a  long minute in the garden!  Here's an update (hopefully it encourages someone :))

EQ: 824 / 0 INQ

TU: 810 / 0 INQ

EX: 779 / 2 INQ (Applied for Chase Ink 5/2018 & 6/2018 - Denied both times - too many new accounts - though I hadn't had a new account for a year at that time)





NFCU CLOC $15,000 /$0 (STILL FROZEN - but it dos report)

NFCU RCash Visa $40,000 /$0 (STILL FROZEN - but it dos report)

Chase Sapphire $41,500/$0

Chase SW Pers $8,100/$0

Chase Amazon $6,100/$0

PenFed Amex $5,000/$0

PenFed PLOC $5,000/$0

Alliant Visa $5,000/$0

Lowe's $35,000/$0

PayPal $10,000/$200


Total Personal $170,700



Chase SW Premier $11,000/$0

Amex SimplyCash $2,000//$704

WF $30,000/$0

Amex Plum (Charge Card)/$0

Total Business $43,000


TOTAL ALL $213,700


Answers from last check in:

1. CLI for Chase SW Premier Biz - Denied

2. New app for Chase InkCash - Denied

3. Amex PLUM  - Approved

4. Home Depot Commercial Revolver - Denied (but have received multiple offers)


I am most likely coming out of the garden for the following:


1. I would like to product change my personal Chase Southwest Visa to something else (Freedom maybe - Any suggestions are welcomed) 

2. I have a Business Southwest Visa I'd like to product change - Is this possible?

3. Would like to app two Southwest products to get my companion pass again will wait til January though


4. Started an education and consulting business that has been very successful. Would like to establish credit for this business and I am looking to make a few large equipment purchases for the business.


I like the Amex Plum I have now ( I like to hold a balance for a month when I do use credit), but it is for a different business, so I was thinking of getting it for the this new business.

I would like to try Chase Ink again (the new business started banking  with Chase 3 months ago)

And would like to try Home Depot again.



Any other suggestions would be appreciated! 


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