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ChexSystem Completely Clean // One Major Ding On EWS

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Where can I open a bank account? I only have 6 inquiries on my ChexSystem and that's it. I have had an account close with Wells Fargo with a negative 700 balance but they report to EWS only. I opened an account with Citi but haven't heard back and it's been 3-4 days. I also need to open a business checking. What would my best route be here in California?

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Just verified I have a few closed accounts on EWS reported as well. They were for inactivity. If I owe them anything, I owe them less than $30. One of the accounts Chase was closed while I was stuck in a hospital and it overdrafted by $27.

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Any experience with these banks or credit unions?

They require a clean Chex record - or one with entries 36 months or older.



Union Bank (branch in Galt. CA)



First Northern Bank (branch in or near San Francisco)



Credit Unions

**Shared branches are one of the benefits of credit union accounts.

You open the account at a main branch, but use neighboring affiliates in close proximity.


(All Bay area CUs that use Chex - but offer Savings Only or second chance accounts)








**Because banks change and modify policies, visit their website and call before applying.

Verify what they use to offset adding a bunch of inquiries to your Chex report.

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Looks like Citi is about to finish opening my account. Just faxed them driver license and bank statement. They don't use EWS? Will I be able to open my business checking here?

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If the business has no negatives in Chexsystems, and if you have your DBA, LLC or other required papers, you should be able to.
(You mentioned your personal Chex file is clear)

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Yeah. It's a startup and has no record at all whatsoever. I think they run your personal credit in some cases, and in most cases ChexSystems and EWS depending on the bank of course. We're going to incorporate in January as a C corporation in Delaware so everything is legitimate.

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Just a Reminder:


1. Keep one or more backup accounts.

2. Never keep your funds in one banking institution.

3. Check account activity daily, and review monthly statements.

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