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Can items listed on chexsystems be disputed?

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Hi, I have received my Chex systems report. I had an unfortunate issue with SUNTRUST bank. While Disputing fees that they placed on my account, they sent me to collections. I made arrangements and paid in FULL the balance owed thinking it would be removed from my report without knowing any better.

​ It is still there showing as PAID IN FULL, will this affect me going further?


​Also, I am showing an account from BBT which I was only the co-signer never used the account and was not aware it was closed or had a balance.

Is their a way to dispute this item also? or am I just stuck paying the balance to have it showing as PAID.


​I currently do not have any bank accounts I am on SS and receive my funds via prepaid card. When I began to have concerns and issues with SUNTRUST I had my DD switched.


​Any information would be most valuable as I am trying to make sure that all of my reports are clear across the board.


​Thanks :wave:

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Are you trying to open an account or you simply want your reports clear?


As far as you Suntrust entry goes, it will stay there for five years but a reviewing bank should be able to open an account for since you paid the CO. Most bank will open an account for you if an entry in the Chex has already passed the


36 months mark.


BBT is also your obligation even though you were ony a co-signer. Co-signing means, you will be responsible, had the other party defaulted. You can talk to the BBT or file a dispute but I am not sure it it will get you anywhere.


You should also know that these accounts might have also been reported to EWS.


Word of caution: Always have a non-chex, non-EWS bank account for backup.

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As Fred030 posted, items remain on Chexsystems for five (5) years. It is hard to get removals unless there is an error or other issue you can dispute. Let us know if you need help getting an account in your area.

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Are you a military or ex service member?


What area are you looking to open an account in?

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Is your EQ clean?


You can join Penfed and get couple products that you are looking for with same one HP pull.


You can join it even if you are not military.

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Thank you for this information I'm working on clean reports I'm fixing to start whychat to dispute some medical, I will keep all options open thank you very much for taking the time to help, also my father is military so that shouldn't be a problem.


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