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Collection reappears after 4 years !!

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I helped my younger sister back in 2012 with her credit. She had a collection from 2012 for a medical bill, I had her follow Why Chat's program from start to finish and the collection was removed from ALL 3 credit bureaus.


She checked her credit reports 2 weeks ago and the collection has reappeared on all 3 bureaus. HOWEVER, this time the collection says it was a late payment. There was no late payment. A payment was never made !!


It also now says the late payment is from January 2016 !!


She was so upset about this she made a HUGE mistake and called the collection company. They told her the late payment was from 2012 and they will contact the hospital and get more information and send to her within 30 days.


I was on vacation and just got back and she didn't want to bother me. I certainly would have told her NOT to call the CA.


Why Chat, does she start your program all over again ? By the way this CA is different than the one from 2012.




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She probably needs to opt out again. These JDBs are vicious !!


Yes have her start over:






When she sends the initial dispute letter to the CRAs



Have her insert this sentence:


This unknown medical account was previously disputed and properly deleted 4 years ago. This is an illegal re-insertion by this Collection Agency.


She should also carefully check her reports for any other discrepancies.

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