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New medical collections, not sure what to do

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Hello everyone!


Several years ago, with the help of this forum, I was able to clean up my mess of credit reports. And get a fairly good credit rating. (I paid every bill off as well :) ) Well.... I seem to be in need of help again. I have a collection agency attempting to collect a medical debt, they sent a "2nd" letter. The CA is saying they sent me the first letter >30 days ago, and since I did not dispute, they are taking that as a sign that the debt is valid. I do not recall ever receiving said letter, but I still want them to verify the debt. It is for about $800-ish. I will check with the medical office, I haven't been to them in a year or so, and if I do indeed owe it I will settle directly with the medical office. But in the mean time, I now have a collection and a late on an otherwise clean credit report. What is the best strategy to clean this up? On top of all this, I am moving this week.



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Good morning!


You need to follow Why Chat's HIPAA letter program. Don't call the medical office, the program will establish this for you. If it is valid, Why Chat will help you pay the OC in a way that will also get the CA OFF your reports. Follow the guides EXACTLY - if you haven't moved since the medical service you don't need to remove the address.


You start by opting out, getting your reports, and deleting old addresses. All instructions are here:


Then you move on to the HIPAA program, starting with the initial dispute:

http://www.whychat.5...AA PROGRAM.html


Update this thread with your progress and any questions, and Why Chat will guide you.

Good luck!!

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Here is one issue I am going to have.


I am moving NOW, this week. I can "op-out" with no problem, but deleting old addresses can be an issue. it is going to be a few weeks before I get a new driver's license and a utility bill for address verification.


Can I start the procedure at my current address, and just update the new address as I get the documents showing I live at the new address???



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OK, opted out

Requested EX, EQ, MIB. I tried to request TU from the annual site on online, but it couldn't be processed. I had to call the 877-322-8228 number for the annual report. I think this my be do to a split file with TU. Last time I saw my TU file it had only a few of my accounts showing. Anyone know how to get them to fix?

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How old are the accounts you are disputing ( dates of medical services)


Is you CURRENT address the one you were at when the accounts were engendered??


If so, do not bother to dispute old addresses.


If not, then dispute the older addresses using your current address data.


As to a "split file" once you get your TU report you can check for discrepancies.

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You cannot "update" addresses once you start - the new address might help with the very first dispute that you send.


It can take a couple weeks to get your reports, then if you do have a split file you'll need to wait again for the corrected report.


It would be silly to not wait a week or two - just get your new address docs asap, and try to delete the one attached to the collection.

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@Why Chat

Medical service dates are from around May 2015. I never knew I owed, then by chance i called to make an appointment and they told me I owed. We started a payment plan about 6 months ago, and at some point I forgot about it (it has been a rough year, going through a seperation), then the collection letter showed up.


Yes, my current address (for the next week or so) is the address I had when the medical charges were incurred, and when I recieved the collection letter.

I do have even older addresses, even thought I am at my current address for about 10 years.

As for the Split file, last time I looked at my TU report, it was correct, BUT missing several accounts.



I have my EX and EQ reports from annualcreditreport.com, TU amd MIB are the only reports I have to wait for. By then I will have the new address


@ anyone

I also have several varitions of my name on my reports. Officially my name is written as "First M Last Suffix" but I have several like:
F Last
First Last
First M Last
First Last Suffix

(everyone follows, right?)

Should I bother to dispute them as well. I have never opened any account with other than my complete full name as "First M Last Suffix".

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