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The Master Credit Card/Financial Services Computer Glitch Thread


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Wells Fargo is a major national bank which like US Bank cannot seem to get basic account features right. :-)

1. Because of glitch or design, transactions (charges) posted w/in a few days after the statement closing do not show up for a few days in the account management in posted or pending list. However, mint seems to show them. I am not sure if it is just pending transactions that are on showing.

2. You cannot setup auto recurring pay from external accounts.

3. Only one recurring autopay allowed?

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Thanks cv, I just came here to do that......


I really wonder why it's taking AMEX so long to rectify their reporting, even in this environment, it seems like a very long time!

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1 hour ago, Kat58 said:
1 hour ago, MP80 said:

Yup. I see. I am in the northwest, you must be in the midwest.

ARKansas, but not on purpose.

Yeah, most of the incidents occurred in rural areas. Spectrum Outage due to infrastructure not being up-to-date, the equipment is faulty, and the cable is outdated, dysfunctional, resulting in supply failures that caused instantaneous connection disruption usually refers to temporary periods when access is restricted or denied. Hope it will come back for you as soon as possible.

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2 hours ago, Kat58 said:

I guess it depends on location? Just checked mine. Still not working. No biggie. I'll call tomorrow to make my payment if I have to 🙄


Very interesting.  Sounds like a VPN might be a solution.  If you can VPN into, say, San Francisco, they'll freak out and make you verify your identity, but you should be able to get past the disruption according to the map.

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Letter recently received from First Bankcard (FNBO):


"From December 2, 2019 - February 2, 2020, stays at Best Western Hotels & Resorts purchased with your Best Western Rewards MasterCard credit card were to receive double points. Due to a technical issue, we identified that your account did not receive double points on these purchases"


The extra points were finally credited, about six months after my stay!

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12 hours ago, nemo said:

Very interesting.  Sounds like a VPN might be a solution.  If you can VPN into, say, San Francisco, they'll freak out and make you verify your identity, but you should be able to get past the disruption according to the map.

Hard pass, but thanks anyway :)


I made the payment this morning, by phone. Only took 2 minutes. First time paying by phone. For some reason I thought it would be a major hassle.


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