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MyFako Condones this Crap


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59 minutes ago, ivymike said:

Someone thinks their 7 cards in the last 2 years rates them a LOL/24.

 4-3% UTL


Lots of gems in that one.  Aside from the atrocious grammar and punctuation:


Im looking to travel maybe late November next year


my discover it card


 4-3% UTL


i have had two months of deliquency with citi bank as my first CC




Capital One Quicksilver - 600
Capital One Quicksilver - 500
Discover IT Card - 800


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2 hours ago, MarvBear said:

What is that???????????  The new math they use? CV- are other folks that illiterate?

The misuse of the dollar sign is accelerating.  I'm seeing it online almost daily.


For some reason people are more prone to use it with smaller dollar amounts, and often mix correct and incorrect usage in the same sentence.


"The guy wanted $1,000 for the motorcycle, but I only had 50$ with me."

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On 11/2/2018 at 8:16 PM, Gaston said:

Instead of worrying about not using this turd they're calling the EO to complain the card won't ever have those snazzy Signature or WEMC benefits. Or is it a status symbol for those to appear on your card? 



My current Quicksilver started its life as a subprime Platinum.  Yesterday I turned on the daily balance emails, which reflect the fact that it's currently a World MasterCard.

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3 hours ago, pacemaker67 said:

Someone giving the advise to contact and pay Midland without asking about DOFD or SOL or to even offer any advise on what not to say.... 




From the above thread..  Is this true????  After something is gone from your report and no public record, does it stay with you?  Or...  does this guy work for Midland?


"Being that you owe the debt, and that if you plan on a mortgage or other large purchase in the future that will require it to be paid (and on the report or not, a mortgage underwriter will see it), you could just pay the debt now (push hard to settle for as little as possible), and watch its record auto-delete from your reports in the next 30-45 days. As stated above, that is their company policy, and like the other poster, I can confirm personally that they WILL delete it."

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OP is disgusted that BarclayUS just told him yet again to GFY




but had to be reminded that a month ago was complaining that he was in over his head with CC debt and on the verge of defaulting



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That poster seems to be one of the growing demographic of consumer who believes that score is everything and ignores that the file STILL needs to support the ability to make payments.  They apparently claim $1K per month income...they illustrate perfectly what is wrong with some of the current processes and why there are risks of a return to the 2008 meltdown.  The sad thing is that they are about to take other family members down with them...

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I gotta ask ... How do you guys dumpster dive into the myFICO forum "trove" without being overwhelmed by the raw sea of humanity who post there?


On those occasion when I search myFICO for a bit of added anecdotal experience with a particular credit card, I imagine the experience to be akin to walking the streets of Cairo ...

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