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MyFako Condones this Crap

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no words...


not from a newbie...

Re: So how exactly do creditors like to see CCs being used?

It's a peculiar thing, they like to see you carrying debt because they want you to carry debt on their cards and pay interest, but at the same time they still want low overall utilization. So I figure have maybe 2 or 3 cards reporting easily manageable balances when you apply to give the illusion that you carry realistic balances while keeping your overall utilization low.


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Wow...what an i-d-i-o-t.



I'm going with the over-under being noon on Friday.

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what I mean is... we're mocking someone who irrationally closed an account. overraction triggers be damned :)

It isn't necessarily 'irrational.' They made a business decision based upon a change in practice by their card issuer. Just as an issuer can decide not to do business with a cardholder, so to can a cardholder decline to do further business with an issuer who has made a policy change that is contrary to the cardholder's belief. Does that mean everyone would make the same decision? Not at all...after all, I continued eating at Chik-Fil-A even though they, as a private entity, had adopted a policy decision that was contrary to my interest...I did so because they had a sandwich that I liked. THAT interest overruled their political donations...
So, you're more of a Chik-Fil-A nut? :-)

I eat there or Culver's once a month.

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I'm not sure how far $1k will get him/her, except for may some charms.........



LOL...and from the standpoint of the scoring, it is useless regardless of a limit. A non-reporting card is essentially useless when you cannot use it on a regular basis and they are over there worried about when they can get a CLI. It is great if you are making a purchase at the store and want to keep the balance off the report, but otherwise...meh!

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umm.. unless your score is 361... 11 points is meaningless...


FICO 8 dropped 11 points due to Synchrony blanking out info

I've had a dispute with Synchrony over a promotion they didn't credit to my account. Total nightmare, but they fiannly credited me the $100 about a week ago.


Today I noticed my score dropped 11 points, and the only change seems to be from this Synchrony account now reporting:


Account Type: NA


Balance: -

Monthly Payment: NA

Credit Limit: -

Highest Balance: $0

Comment: Account in dispute under Fair Credit Billing Act.


The account did have a $10k limit and $0 balance reported, but that only represents about 9% of my total credit limits, and I just got a new Chase card with an 11k limits and that only lowered my score 0 or 1 points.


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from an established member...



Established Member
‎04-05-2018 11:57 AM
Larry King Infomercial Credit Book

I was up late one morning and the Larry King is your credit in crisis infomercial came on. My credit was not in crisis, but for $39.99 I figured what could I lose, and I might be some valuable tidbits. Well I'm actually quite suprised at how informative and concise the book is. My trepidation was relieved after reading through and completing some of the action items. I work in real estate sales and I'm always looking for clear, concise credit advice to pass on the clients. This was a few buck well spent!


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I wish I could find the right thread over there that I could post this meme in.....there are so many.




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OP gets a Amex Platinum. Doesn't know the perks or benifits and will pay the AF only and SD the card.



Better yet was their wondering what the limit would be...bad enough to not know the benefits but then to not even grasp the notion of a charge card as opposed to a credit card just makes me go looking for that double face-palm meme.

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OP should be banned from any more CC apps he pulled the trigger on the Blaze MC. :dntknw:


I may not have the sexiest credit card portfolio, but NEVER have I had the collection of stink many over there do.

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