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I need advice on repossessions

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My DW has 2 repossessions on her following reports:


1. Experian only (TU was DELETED from our disputes in May 2016)

CAG Acceptance Date Opened: 09/2012 Date of Status: 06/2016 First Reported: 10/2012

Recent balance $6,745 as of 06/27/2016 On Record until 06/2020


2. Experian & Equifax

Wells Fargo Dealer Svc Date Opened: 04/2010 Date of Status: 06/2012 First Reported: 06/2012

Recent balance $6,732 as of 6/30/2016 On Record until 09/2018


These are from her previous marriage.


Our 1st question is on the 2nd (Wells Fargo) account, we have previous reports that show First Reported on 05/2012 instead of 06/2012... should we dispute this item?


Next question is, does anyone have any suggestions as to our next step for disputes?

We have disputed with each of the CRA and Creditors on several occasions....


Any assistance would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

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At this point are you wanting to dispute for the sake of disputing? It sounds like they are both valid accounts that you already disputed and came back as verified. The first reported date could have been updated correctly during your last dispute. If you continue to dispute without any valid reason both Experian and Equifax will notate as frivolous and just ignore them.


Is your goal to have clean reports or simply raise her scores? The later can be done to a limit by adding new positive trade-lines and not just getting hung up of the negatives.

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Our goal is to improve her scores and clean her reports. Is it normal for creditors to change the 'First Report Date' after a dispute, the 'First Report Date' on previous reports were an earlier date and year, now her current reports are showing a later date and year for 'First Report Date'.

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Where are you getting the first report date from? The CRAs? That could be them saying the date it was first reported on their end. Date opened and date of first delinquency or the dates that matter. Have they changed either of those two?

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I need help, I co-sign for my ex for a car and after we broke up a shortly moved to TX and the car was repo and I had no knowledge of it till 2 years later I applied for something and was declined. I got my report and saw it and I called to discuss about it and no one could tell me anything. I finally reached out to the creditor and explain that I knew nothing about this and nothing was send to me about this issue and they said they send me mail which I asked where was the address they was sending it too and it was being send to TX which I never lived nor did I ever lived with my ex. I got it removed from EQ and TU but EX is not deleting because the company keeps saying it verified. I have a credit company disputing it for me at the moment but are there any advice for me what should I do?  

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