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Got a lawyer letter but it reads they wont sue? Or will they? What to do?

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Appreciate the help!



I got a 1,500 bill from a private doctor, he sent it to collections ( IC systems), then IC systems sent it Schlee & Stillman, LLC. I sent a DV letter to IC systems and they validated with a original bill from the doctors office. I have not heard from the situation until I got a letter from Schlee & Still man that reads as follows


Schlee & Stillman, LLC

Attorneys at Law

50 Tower office Park

Wodburn, Ma 01801


Our Client : IC SYSTEMS inc

Current owner of the debt: Dr JOHN JOHN MD PA

Account # 1234

BAL 2556.00


Dear John Doe


We have been hired by IC SYSTEMS inc to collect on its behalf a debt owed to Dr. JOHN JOHN MD PA. As of this day Dr. JOHN JOHN MD PA asserts that you owe this balance.


Also we have been asked to contact you contact you to determine your intentions with respect to repayment of this debt. We HAVE NOT been retained to file a lawsuit against you. Further, at this time, no attorney with this firm has personally reviewed the particular circumstances of you account.


Unless with in thirty days after receiving this letter , you dispute the validity of the debt this office will assume debt is valid. if you do notify us in writing debt is disputed, we will obtain verification of the debt or a copy of the judgment if any an we will mail you such copy of verification or judgment. Also upon written request we will provide you with the name and address of the original creditor, if different from the original creditor.




Schlee & Stillman


This correspondence is from a debt collector, This is an attempt to collect a debt.




I am wondering how to proceed?



Again, greatly appreciated!





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Take a look at WhyChatt's HIPPA dispute letter. It was designed so the person receiving medical treatment can pay back the medical service provider directly and have any negative credit reporting deleted.


If a person's goal is to pay off their medical bill's and get a negative trade line deleted, the HIPPA program is a great tool.

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Thank you for replying,



So i don't feel I owe this money because my insurance paid a substantial amount and this doctor claims his staff may have forgot to apply this last bill.


Also will WhyChatt's HIPPA dispute letter stop the collections action?

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Follow the guides:



You do not need to delete old addresses as I presume this is a fairly recent account.( date of medical service??)




Send the CA "lawyer" this:



This includes a total cease and desist and should prevent any further collection activities


Get your EOMBs ( explanation of medical benefits) from your insurance Co.


IF the account is already reporting to any CRA, send each CRA where it is reporting this:



If your EOMB shows that your Dr neglected to properly bill your insurance then send your Dr. this:

http://whychat.5u.com/hipltr.html insert "b" 2

Include a copy of your EOMB that shows that they did not properly bill your insurance


IF your EOMB shows that you actually have a balance due (patient responsibility) you can also in the SAME HIPAA letter to your Dr. include payment with insert "a".

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