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Another For-Profit Diploma Mill Bites The Dust?

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I saw the signage being removed yesterday from the former Brightwood location here in Charlotte. 

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So I attended a school in San Antonio, TX that, absolutely should be investigated. Promises of guaranteed job placements, starting salaries that were highly inflated, teachers who had ZERO knowledge of the industry (one who was a used car salesman before taking that position). It was outrageous. I spent nearly 50 grand....for a BS piece of paper that was worthless. 1 of the students from our graduating class went right into the career field....he was 40 years old and had worked for that company prior to attending. Most of the graduates I still am in contact with, not one of us was "placed" for any jobs. We had to go find them on our own, which was fine, to only figure out the starting wage was between 12-15.00 an hour. It was 11 years ago that I graduated, and I had to work my butt off to get to the position I am in now. My degree helped me, not one bit. Not to mention the school wasn't even accredited (even though we were told they were), so I couldn't even go back to school and use any of the credit's I had. These places should be shut down...which I can see is finally happening.

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