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What are you Binge watching now?


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On 7/11/2020 at 6:15 PM, smartlypretty said:

Followup, avoid the Penny Dreadful reboot because it doesn't go anywhere. 


Still watching QaF but I might start watching Devs, has anyone seen it?


You don't see season 1 as a set up for a deliciously wicked and evil 2nd season of "PD 2: City of Angels"?  and, fwiw, most memorable scene:  when Elsa "reincorporates" her child (that haunts me).


It took a handful of episodes for me to get hooked into this "sequel".  I was fixated on the "look and feel" of the first series and expected a repeat; disappointed when it didn't manifest itself.


A key reason to watch :  Natalie Dormer.  Impressive versatility on which this series hinges.  It may be that I'm just gullible, but I'd never have suspected it was the same actress playing each of her characters.




Browsing this thread, because after a year of incredibly satisfying binging, we can't seem to land on something new that grabs our attention.  My advice, avoid Devs, if you haven't ventured down that road yet.


Devs was beguiling.  I tend to "preview" potential binges for Bev's and my consumption by dipping my toes in the water, index finger poised on the <FF> button.  It's rare that I get beyond an episode or two before I either decide I've either been hooked or my eyes have glazed over.  I fast forwarded through the entire Devs' 8 episodes a couple of nights ago (an unrecoverable 3+ hours).  The plot, the acting, the underlying imagination were all redeemable if ONLY the writer's could have pieced together a tangible plot line. 


Unfortunately, the plot never developed into anything that merited stringing 8 episodes together.  Everything seems half-baked and poorly conceived.  Would someone who fully grasped the themes of the show explain exactly why the character who engaged in technology espionage had to be murdered?  (For me, that was the first chink in the armor from which the show never recovered.)




So, we stumbled around in the Netflix and Prime listings last night and arrived at a new binge candidate:  "Brockman" w/ Hank Azaria.  He's great!  We just can't decide whether the show is "sublime" or just simply too ludicrous to stay with.  Made it to episode 3 (trusting that three seasons suggests Brockman has staying power).

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We watched the Baztán Trilogy on Netflix over the past week,




A decent police suspense story that kept us entertained, I'll simply suggest it makes very good watching.  (Doesn't quite make the "must see" list.)  Solid and intriguing story line, with slight supernatural elements.  The subject matter involves the covert, ritualistic killing of female infants, so be forewarned.  The movies are Spanish; if you have a decent large screen that makes viewing subtitles easy, I strongly advise going with subtitles vs dubbing; dubbing typically flattens dialogue in an unnatural and wooden manner and this isn't an exception.

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On 1/5/2021 at 10:41 AM, cashnocredit said:

Time to watch "Groundhog Day."  Again. Hey, it never gets old. Literally.


GD is delicious with every repeat viewing!  There isn't a moment of the film that doesn't "work".  And watching the cast members "play off" of each other is simple magic.


So, a couple of other perennial favorites that get a viewing at least once a year:


- Love Actually (need I say more?)

- While You Were Sleeping (best Sandra Bullock film, thanks to an incredible ensemble cast)

- The Replacements (precious)

- Shakespeare in Love (Schmaltzy romance, killer wit, most intelligent chick flick on earth -- she'll melt in your arms)


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We had managed to avoid the Disney+ bug until this month, but intrigued by the incredible hype over "The Mandalorean" (and "baby" Yoda), butt was the digital recreation of a young Luke that finally snagged us ... plus the realization that the new Verizon phone/internet subscription we installed in the MA house at purchase included a free 1 year Disney+ streaming sub.  We figured we could activate the 1 mo likely left on that offer and get in as much streaming as necessary to catch up on the series ... Surprise, surprise!  They gave us a whole year from activation!.


So that's been our key January binge.  Also finished out Season 3 of the Expanse and are tuning in for season 3 of American Gods.  (Hate that these don't drop the full season at once!!! :angry: )


Another movie recommendation:  Pres Day was a good excuse to extend V-Day into Mondays am.  Enjoyed an indulgent breakfast over a movie that serendipitously sneaked into an internet crawl earlier this week (you know, where you check one thing out, link to something else interesting, etc.).  I wound up on a screen of memorable lines from, "As Good as It Gets"; had me cackling all over again :) .  


The combo of Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt, with outstanding support from Greg Kinnear, makes for what I suspect is the unlikeliest candidate for a Valentine's Day flick ... but it works in every way that counts.  The writing is tight, witty and hilarious and James L Brooks pulls a stellar performance out of the cast.



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7 hours ago, Kat58 said:

John Wick

John Wick: Chapter 2

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum



Huge Keanu fan of everything post "Bill & Ted", so these should be on our short list.  I'm more than a little put off by the prospect of action/violence for the sake of such.  Nothing has really served to hook me in.  Still, I imagine Keanu's charisma accounts for much of the appeal. 


With 1 or more new titles in the pipeline, I imagine a Saturday morning binge is called for  ; )

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Big Bang Theory, all 12 seasons. I've seen all 12 seasons about 15 times now. I just start it over from season 1 episode 1 when I get to the end. I did have Ancient Aliens mixed in there at one point. I'm thinking of restarting that one again soon. Oh, and all the Star Trek. 

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