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What are you Binge watching now?


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22 hours ago, TheVig said:


Years ago I noticed a young female hanging around one of the local homeless guys near the convenience store. She caught my eye because she was gorgeous. She had huge big blue eyes with blonde hair and looked like Goldie Hawn. About year later I still saw her on the streets and by year two she was completely unrecognizable. So sad.

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23 hours ago, smartlypretty said:

Has anyone watched Devs? I was a bit out of sorts when I started and the bathroom scene in E1 hit me in the face.


In a few episodes, and it looks great if you like that genre. 

Quoting myself here, but I have one episode left of Devs and it's extremely good if you like that genre (I don't know how to describe it, sort of simulation theory and the multiverse but also espionage and the alarming power of tech bros?) 


It's addictive, and the first show I remember getting this into and enjoying this much in a very long time. It's also sort of cathartic for me, with reoccurring elements of someone's death fully unraveling reality as you know if even though you're a super-strict anti-woo woo person :) 


And Nick Offerman being serious is wonderful. There are so many things I want to look more into but I don't want to know the ending before it's over! I'm also really good at predicting events and figuring out endings early (or twists) and there was a big one I completely missed.

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7 hours ago, Pam said:

Do you mean the one with Josh Hartnett and Timothy Dalton? Because I enjoyed it even though the ending was a bit abrupt. 

Not that one, I enjoyed it too, and the ending was so abrupt that I only knew it ended when the last episode had aired.


Since stuff in the UK gets there later, I told my husband who was in the UK that it had wrapped and he refused to continue watching because he considered that a spoiler. I didn't even tell him anything that happened! He had a whole thing about me spoiling stuff and I truly believe I was falsely accused of spoiling in that situation.


The new one had the same guy who was Frankenstein, and Natalie Dormer, and Nathan Lane. It really looked like it would be excellent, but it was so directionless. I am pretty tolerant of directionless if the story is engaging, but it just somehow couldn't carry its own weight and it never amounted to anything.


Which is terrible because the premise was really decent and relevant (too heavy handed in parts), and it was just overall a great base upon which to build, and I still don't understand so much of what happened. 

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