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What are you Binge watching now?

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Arli$$.  Not sure why I find it funny as hell but love Wuhl and Oh. Saw most of it when first aired so catching up on episodes missed. HBO on Demand.   And a shout out to Dusty Springfi

Most Expensivest.   I don't get about 30% of the humor but my god it is hilarious.



The IT Crowd.

However, meh.


I loved the IT Crowd.


Ray Donovan is currently on my playlist. The Killing is next, then Bloodline, then I'll probably switch back to Elementary.

The IT Crowd was one of those middling series that occasionally turned out an episode so hilarious that it redeemed the mediocre rest of the series. I am thinking in particular of The Speech. ("Oh my God, what's Jen doing with the Internet?!?!!")

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I watched the last episode of Southland last night. I started getting anxious when there were only 2 episodes left. What does this mean? It can't be good.


ETA - I've binge watched other tv series, but I really got attached to these characters for some reason.

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2 new episodes of Luther....



Why WHY Do we have to wait 6 months for US release on Poldark & Victoria ????



I get the whole " well you declared independence " thingie,




but really ,you would THINK they should be so over that by now.

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I finished Luther, Vikings, and the Get Down.


I'm watching Luke Cage right now, then will try to catch up on Suits, orange is the new black. animal kingdom, and lilyhammer.


Work takes up a lot of time. I try to watch what I can in transit, but have some vacation time coming up :)

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Boardwalk Empire. It is quite interesting if you have been to Atlantic City. I have been there several times in the last several months so it is cool to see how the boardwalk looked back in the twenties. Many of the characters are real people and are thrown in to a primarily fictional story. I will say that it is cool to see Al Capone when he is in his early twenties!

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